“… a delightful, entertaining read.” – Danette Dooley, The Labradorian, January 19, 2018

Lady MacBeth Afraid of the Stairs has reviews:

Big Dog’s adventure teaches little kids

Yorkton This Week, February 2, 2018

Thom Barker’s big goofy dog has made her literary debut. The former Yorkton This Week writer’s first in a planned series of children’s books, Lady MacBeth Afraid of the Stairs, is now in print and available to purchase.

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Labrador author self-published children’s book a fun read

The Labradorian, January 19, 2018

Thom Barker’s book “Lady MacBeth Afraid of the Stairs” is a delightful, entertaining read.

Lady MacBeth is a loveable Newfoundland dog whose personality is as big as she is. But, the precious pooch is afraid of many things – including the long stairs leading down into the basement of her family’s home.

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Coverage from the GoFundMe campaign: