We recently took in a house guest. He is a very sweet, young (eight months) Golden Retriever named Timber. By comparison, he seems small next to Lady MacBeth, who, by comparison, seems small next to other Newfoundlanders, but she still weighs in at about 130 pounds and Timber I would say must be pushing close to 80 pounds already so he’s a sizable animal in his own right.

At first, I worried about how I would handle two large dogs. They need to go out for their morning and evening (ahem) constitutionals, of course, and they need to get a good daily run in as well. I was afraid I might have to take them out separately.

Being a first-time dog owner, what I had not counted on was a little something nature had provided me with. Pack behaviour. I quickly found out I didn’t have to control two big dogs. I only have to control Lady MacBeth, who I have been controlling since she was a puppy. She, in turn, controls Timber, or perhaps more accurately, his instinct to follow the pack controls him. 

It also seems to make her easier to deal with, as if he gives her something else to worry about besides getting into trouble herself.

The bottom line is it actually seems easier in some ways to have the two of them. 

And they sure have a lot of fun.