Lady MacBeth

Afraid of the Stairs
"A delightful, entertaining read." - The Labradorian

We have reviews!

We are very grateful to publications that feature our book. In the past two weeks, both The Labradorian and Yorkton This Week have published articles about Lady MacBeth Afraid of the Stairs. We’re also gratified by all the positive feedback from readers, including this from Patricia Forster on “I bought this book for each..

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I love my Yukon Charlies snowshoes

Did you know when you’re running a website (or blog, or Facebook page etc.), it’s more important to have new, content regularly than what the content is? A review of my snowshoes is not completely unrelated to Lady MacBeth–I wear them every day when I walk her–but it is probably the very definition of a..

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To groke or not to groke

I love learning new, or new-to-me, words, even if they are old out-of-use words. My latest discovery is one that Newfoundland owners in particular, and I suspect dog owners in general, will greatly appreciate. It is to groke, a verb that means to stare at somebody while they are eating in the hope they will..

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Lady and the Timber or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Pack Behaviour

We recently took in a house guest. He is a very sweet, young (eight months) Golden Retriever named Timber. By comparison, he seems small next to Lady MacBeth, who, by comparison, seems small next to other Newfoundlanders, but she still weighs in at about 130 pounds and Timber I would say must be pushing close..

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